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There’s a huge debate about whether of not golf specific workouts exist. Some will say that they’re not real; that exercise is used to build muscle strength, increase flexibility, and speed. In their opinion, exercise and fitness programs can improve an athletes golf performance but any workout is not specific to a certain sport. Others feel that if the athlete is using the muscles they use in their swing while having the goal to improve their golf game in their workout, then it would be a golf specific workout. So whatever your belief may be, let’s discuss! What makes a workout golf-specific? Is it the exercises? Or the end goal of the athlete?

Why Does it Matter?

Will a golf fitness program help you drive the ball farther? Yes! But can it also serve you even if you’re not a golfer? Absolutely! When using terms like golf-specific workout or a golf fitness program, it means that the workouts and exercises the athlete will partake in will help enhance their golf performance. However, aside from swing training, none of the exercises are golf specific but can collectively improve the golfers swing. This doesn’t mean that the workout can’t help other people who don’t play golf— it can! The workouts won’t just help you drive the ball far, they will make everyday tasks easier while increasing your energy. There are many benefits from golf specific workouts that might go unnoticed as people are lead to believe golf specific workouts are only designed to help improve a golfers game. These exercises can help improve anyone’s conditioning.

What’s a Golf Specific Workout?

When you envision a golf specific workout, you probably picture exercises that resemble a golf swing. However, improving your golf game and even your swing will require more than just repeatedly practicing your swing alone. In fact, swinging too much along can increase your chance of an injury as you adding stress to your muscles and joints. Golf specific exercises are designed to work the same muscles used in the swing without doing the same motion over and over. Squats work the hope and ankles similar to swinging the iron. Add weight to your squat and you’ll be working those muscles harder than an exercise centered around the swing along. If you do want to practice your swing, go to the driving range a couple times a week— that is plenty. But don’t worry, you can still improve your swing without actually swing a club. How? Standard weight bearing exercises help you get your body positioned correctly as you build strength and protect your muscles and joints. Your workout does not have to be limited to golf specific exercises. Opt for workouts that will improve your stability, as well as, anti-rotational exercises that will help your body slow down during rotation. This will protect your spine, elbows, and wrists reducing your chance of an injury. And while these workouts will help you as a golfer, they can also benefit anyone in all aspects of life including other athletes.

So What Does Golf Fitness Mean?

A golf fitness program means that you’re doing a workout to help you play better golf. But you should know that while the workouts are labeled for golfers, the exercises are not unique to golf or different from any other fitness programs. Golf fitness helps golfers in a similar way that basketball conditioning helps basketball players and baseball training helps baseball players, etc.

Is Golf a Sport?

For some reason, some people don’t think of golf as a sport. Crazy, huh? Golfers are athletes. Don’t think so? Can you swing a golf club like John Daly? Even Tiger Woods is impressed by his athleticism. Sure, he has dietary issues and is undisciplined when it comes to maintaining muscles like other athletes but he has athletic talent that majority of us do not.

Golf Fitness Is Really Golf Conditioning 

While not entirely misleading, golf fitness should be used as a marketing term. Golf has fitness skills that aren’t uncommon to other sports but the levels at which a golfer must use these skills is unique to the sport like the degree of strength, rotational speed, core stability, and balance. A better term, perhaps, is old conditioning. The word conditioning means to bring to the desired state— essentially that is what golfers are hoping to do in a golf fitness program. Why is golf fitness used more frequently? It tends to appeal to more athletes and golfers as fitness is a familiarized term. More people Google search golf fitness than golf training or golf conditioning. So even if it might not be the correct terminology, it is sure to help you recruit more golfers. Golf training and conditioning is more consistent with the terms used by other sports and better describes what the end goal is— to train and condition to become a better golfer. The exercises are sport-specific but you are in the process of training to become a better golfer. This is why golf conditioning is a better term to use than golf specific or golf fitness.

Are You Ready To Start Conditioning Yourself So You Can Plan Better Golf?

You can expect to see more sophisticated training methods coming to golf conditioning programs. Doppler devices, biofeedback sensors, and fitness professionals dedicated to golf training are all changing. The golf swing is growing more powerful as the body becomes more efficient at transferring energy through the body to the club head. By using these devices and understanding how the individual swings the club, a trainer can create a program to help golfers maximize the speed of their swing and the power output. Golf training and conditioning is only getting better and expanding to help even the hobbyists. It will help you improve your golf performance while helping your mobility, strength, and energy which will improve more than your golf game.

You Will Need Nutrition and Hydration During Your Golf Conditioning

If you plan on partaking in any fitness program you should be getting at least the minimum amount of macronutrients and staying hydrated. This will help you build up your muscles and get yourself in better physical shape. You most likely will not have to change your entire diet but you will be encouraged to eat enough protein and healthy fats. You should also be drinking plenty of water— both of these steps will maximize your results. What you put into your body is a reflection of what you get out so having a balanced diet with minimal grains and processed foods will be better for your overall health and in turn help you become a better athlete. This is where GLFR Supplements will help the most.
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